Join us and build something extraordinary, at Doppels Inc

At Doppels, we are building a passionate team of entrepreneurial, world-changers.

At the intersection of engineering, design, product strategy and community development, we put a high value on cross-team collaboration to work together towards common goals.


What's it like to work at Doppels?

Doppels is headquartered in Venice, Los Angeles, in a beautiful beach loft, close to Abbot Kinney Blvd, and many other awesome startups. We are passionate and committed supporters of the Silicon Beach and Tech LA communities as we help foster innovation and growth alongside other high growth LA startups, such at Tinder and Snapchat.

You will join an entrepreneurial team who love to work on big innovative ideas. On our mission to build the world’s first birthday discovery engine, we enjoy life together to the fullest. Working only on solving problems you are truly passionate about, the development of our culture is based on a core set of key values:

We offer employees a stage to express themselves, based on their wonderfully unique personality and skill-set. I believe that every person on this planet has something unique to offer the world. A gift. We ask only that you unearth and embrace that gift by practicing it everyday at Doppels.

Work should not be imprisonment it should set a person free.Your only side of the deal is that you embrace and influence our culture....

We are a work in progress, it’s what we believe in....

Matt Hagger

Doppels Co-Founder and CEO

What we offer at Doppels

At Doppels we believe in investing in people for the long term, this means as we grow, you grow too. You will be working with people that are passionate about the product, passionate about future and looking to continually improve. Therefore we believe in offering benefits that let you know, that we at Doppels value you as a significant member of our team.


We’ll look after your health and your wealth.

So apply today and see your life change.


Early employee stock grant

Competitive salaries

Paid time off

Medical, dental and vision insurance

Life insurance and disability benefits


Apple equipment

Breakfast, lunch and happy hours

Use of our roof deck for parties

The Doppels value set

From the people we hire to how we operate day-to-day, Doppels has a strong set of values to uphold.

Passion over knowledge

At Doppels we value knowledge, but prioritise passion & the willingingness to learn, accept failure, evolve and adapt and change in pursuit of personal development. Don't be afraid to be wrong.

Giving over receiving

In pursuit of growth, knowledge exchange and happiness we actively promote the paying-it-forward mentality with our team. Helping and supporting fellow team-mates is the key to success.


Nobody enjoys the company of people who don't listen to others. The most popular people are always those who are prepared to listen and understand other people's point of view. At Doppels we pay special attention to this.

Promote a sense of fun, creativity and adventure.

We are here to enjoy our experiences and that means work should be fun and you should be rewarded for it. By promoting fun and creativity and a sense of adventure in everything that we do, ensures life is rewarding!

Empathize and show understanding

Even if you do not necessarily agree with a person's point of view, the ability to try and give patience in any situation helps build great teams.

Transparency and openness

At Doppels we value accountability. You should have no secrets or grudges with a fellow team mate and in the event of conflict, seek to resolve this through open and transparent communications. Secrets fester and become problems.

No Ego

Ego and an opinion of others that is just not true can damage team environments. At Doppels we work hard to maintain a happy and kind environment for all.

No fear of failure

Failure is a part of life and inevitably we get things wrong. The key is to succeed and fail as a team and clearly understand that there is often as much to learn from failure as success and that just by trying you can make a difference to yourself. We are a team and are not here to point fingers at others.


We're recruiting student leaders to spread the word about Doppels on campus. In addition to educating your peers, we'll look to you as experts on further integrating this exciting new way to celebrate into college life.

You will not only represent the brand, you will get the chance to have the time of your life!

Current Openings

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